ISIS terror chief who burned Jordanian pilot to death in chilling 2015 execution video is captured in Iraq


Tipped as a future leader of the terrorist organisation, al-Jamal was known for his brutality.

Jordanian authorities have accused him of being behind the brutal execution of downed pilot Muath al-Kasasbeh in 2015.

The Royal Jordanian Air Force pilot was shot down in Raqqa, Syria, in December 2014. A few weeks later, ISIS released a video of al-Kasasbeh being burned alive in a cage.

A former commander in the Free Syrian Army which fought against President Bashar al-Assad’s forces, al-Jamal had also taken part in multiple atrocities including a 2014 massacre in Deir Ezzor, Syria, in which 700 members of a tribe opposed to ISIS were killed.

He also ordered the execution of children, sometimes in front of their parents.

Al-Ethawi, who was captured in February, was a top aide to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Intelligence officers used his account on Telegram, a social media app favoured by terror organisations because it encrypts messages, to lure the other four high-ranking leaders out of Syria. The five of them were on a group chat together.

Iraqi security adviser Hisham al Hashemi told The Telegraph that Iraqi troops were surprised to see the four senior senior jihadists travel on motorcycles, having expecting them to arrive in a motorcade.

Al-Hashemi also said that American troops also took part in the operation.

ISIS field commanders Mohamed al-Qadeer, Issam Abdel Kader al-Zawba’i and Omar Shehab El-Karboul were also captured in the sting, which has been praised by Donald Trump.

“Five Most Wanted leaders of ISIS just captured,” the US president posted on Twitter last week.

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